Where are the Black Abstract Artists?

Why aren’t renowned galleries and museums filled with Black Abstract Artist?  I recently asked myself this question while recapping my visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art exhibition, Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art.

The ticketed exhibition is featuring artist Norman Lewis, Alma W. Thomas, Jack Whitten, as well as industry know Mark Bradford, Martin Puryear, Lorna Simpson, and a host of others.  The exhibition space is located on the second level of the museum and is curated by Christopher Bedford, BMA.  

Grand gestures of contemporary installations by Bradford are front and center at the entrance!  Scale is something that Bradford has mastered,  along with the layering of carefully chosen mediums will draw you in closer and closer to his works.  The overwhelming emotions of his work speaks volumes to what happened then and what is happening now in the post war, contemporary world amongst African American contemporary abstract artist. 

Bold color, Portraits, and Abstract works by Frank Bowling, William T. William, Lynette Yiadom-Blakey and others fill the remaining rooms of the exhibition.  Why aren’t most of these artist recognized and what will happen to there works in the future?  Please visit, the last day to visit the “Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art” exhibition is Sunday, January 19, 2020, tickets are $10 for adults and free for BMA members.