The Collection of Caroline ‘Lee’ Radziwill to be Auctioned

By: Dondre Scott

Lee in 1978. Bettmann Archive

The sister of the late Jackie Kennedy was known for her sophisticated style and refined taste. This fall Christies will be auctioning off objects from Lee Radziwill’s New York estate. The details of the auction have not been released, but those who admired her style and grace have a rare chance to own pieces from her private collections. Christies promises to give you excess into Radziwill’s opulent lifestyle as a princess, socialite, designer, and a glimpse into one of the most fascinating families in American history.  

Princess Lee Radziwill and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, photographed by Benno Graziani in Conca dei Marini, Italy, 1962.

The auction will include Radziwill’s Art Collection, as well as home accents, books, jewelry, and photographs. Her homes in New York, London, and Paris were often photographed for major publication where she frequently hosted fabulous dinner parties for the likes of Andre Leon Talley, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, and Marc Jacobs. Radziwill’s homes were her canvases and the way she best expressed herself; they’re filled with bespoke furniture, ornate fabrics, and fabulous art.

“Andy spent most of his time in the city because it seemed he was allergic to air, but would come out to visit us.” (Courtesy of Lee Radziwill, All Rights Reserved)

While it seemed that Radziwill lived in her sister Jackie’s shadow, she forged her own success most notably as a fashion executive, writer, and interior designer. She also married Prince Albrecht Radziwill, which made her a princess. Although she had a title she rarely used it, she was most known as “Lee”. Her style, her grace, and her demeanor entered the room before she did and made her one of the most fascinating people of the 21-century.

The Upper East side home of Lee Radziwill, a prominent New York socialite and the younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, is on the market for $5.7 million. | Brown Harris Stevens

Radziwill died at the age of 85 on February 15, 2019 inside her upper eastside home in New York. She lived in the same home for 30 years, which has recently hit the market for 5.7 million dollars. Coming this October, Christies plans to invite international buyers, tastemakers, collectors, and admires of Radziwill personal style. Be on the look out for all things Radziwill this fall.



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