Meet The Artist: Clement Joe Simmonet

Clement Joe Simonnet is a Franco British Contemporary Painter based in France. Since his arrival on the Parisian art scene, thanks to his desert collection ´Mirage’, Simonnet has shown in France at different venues such as the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute in Bordeaux, the gallery De Médicis located Paris rive gauche or at the leading Yoshii Gallery in Paris on Matignon Avenue. 

Simonnet's works on canvas are about the possible power of and the softness of painting. Simonnet’s color palette is often pastel and strong, delivering contrasting classic works of art on high quality linens, canvases and wood frames to offer the best appreciation between the artist the materials and the viewer.

Beyond the walls, Simonnet sees the room and space also as a place fit for paintings, and exhibiting art. By engineering the paintings together in his garden in Normandy- France with a hinging system enabling the canvases to communicate with one an other, offering a hangable folding screen which in the start of 2020 has been a first to his new collection about water ´the bathers’.

We sat down with Clement to ask him a few questions;

The Art Districts: At what age did you start painting, and what got you started? 

Clement Simmonet: I started painting at 14 years old in my mother’s garden 

TAD: What about your mother’s garden inspired you to start painting?

CS: In my mother’s garden I was able to discover acrylics and there I treated the canvas like the paper and the paint as the watercolor. This new technique mixed to cement enabled me to create my very own technique to produce the Mirage as it could be seen in the desert. 

TAD: Was becoming an artist always a dream of yours, and what were some of your other dreams growing up?

CS: No growing up I was encouraged by my father to pursue more common careers. 

But deep down I knew that I wanted to be self sufficient doing something I love and was able to constantly work on. 

TAD: Well now that you have taken the road to pursue arts instead of a more traditional career, have your parents been supportive in your decision? If so, what does their support mean to you?

CS: I think that love is what my parents gave me. But unfortunately our relationship is very poor so it is difficult for me to speak about it I’m so sorry.. 

TAD: Obviously being an artist is one of the coolest professions in the world, but if you were not an artist what is something you would enjoy doing?

CS: If I was not an artist I think I would be a fashion designer or a singer. 

TAD: A fashion designer or singer, that’s pretty interesting. Who is your favorite fashion designer and your favorite singer?

CS: My favorite fashion designer from a young age is Yves Saint Laurent to whom I was introduced to because of some similarities we would have in the drawing. Favorite singer at the moment is Nick Cave!!

TAD: As an artist what are three of your biggest inspirations?