John Marin & Alfred Stieglitz: A Forty-Year Friendship

Alfred Stieglitz looking over John Marin's Shoulder. Photographed By: Herbert J. Seligmann

John Marin & Alfred Stieglitz

(23 Dec 1870-2 Oct 1953 | 1 Jan 1864-13 Jul 1946)

The idea that two Artists could not only work together for years, but also forge a great relationship with a silent understanding is impressive. That’s exactly the case for photographer and Gallery Owner Alfred Stieglitz and Artist John Marin. The duo was introduced to each other in 1909 by photographer Edward Steichen and became steadfast friends. The goal of the two collaborators was to show that Water Color was a major medium in the art community, and they set out to do so.

In 1910, Stieglitz first exhibited Marin works at his 291 Gallery in New York City, and continued showing his works almost every year thereafter. Stieglitz never seemed happier and loved praising the genius of Marin’s works, which solidified Marin as one of the Masters of his craft. He also published Marin’s Etchings, and lent consistent financial support to assure that he continued his craft. Those who knew the duo have said, “They both had a great deal of admiration for each other," and often drew inspiration from one another’s work.

Most of Marin works were inspired by the Rocky’s in Maine; he would paint them over and over from different angles and these would become some of his most sought after works of art. For Stieglitz, he spent his time growing his own photography business and galleries, showing the likes of Claude Monet, and Georgia O’Keeffe. For two artist to achieve such success and remain forever friends is something that drew me to this duo. Please be sure to visit the National Gallery at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

Contributor: D.Scott

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