Jordan Betten


Jordan Betten is a self-taught American artist whose creative career encompasses paintings, urban art, sculpture, fashion and design. Known for his unique style of lines, splashes, and colors Betten has the ability to capture the feeling of freedom and movement in his subjects while still portraying them with a balanced combination of realism and abstraction. 


I find inspiration from the streets; the industrial walls around my studio are constantly changing. The years of dust and rust are backgrounds for the characters who live here.  The strong and bold marks on my canvas are abstract depictions, with an added bit of strength, nobleness, and power.


My application is free and spontaneous.  I use sticks, rollers, brushes and metal tools to apply the paint.   I paint by instinct, trying to think of nothing.  There are many layers of oil sticks and colored pencils, which I use to add chaos and unity.


I create collage and sculptures using materials commonly found in my art studio.  I combine painting tools like brushes and sticks with wire, spoons and jar tops to create a balanced and engaging shape.  The intention is to make art with material usually disregarded.  I try to find a use for all of my materials and find materials for any use. I live in my Miami studio where my work and life are one.


My paintings have been exhibited with Goldman Global Arts inside the Wynwood Walls and I have done multiple shows with the Faena Hotel and Faena Arts.  Alan Faena, Ximena Caminos, and Jessica Goldman collect my work.

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