Clement Simmonet


Clement Joe Simonnet is a Franco British Contemporary painter based in France. Since his arrival on the Parisian art scene, thanks to his desert collection ´Mirage’, Simonnet has shown in France at different venues such as the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute in Bordeaux, the gallery De Médicis located Paris rive gauche or at the leading Yoshii Gallery in Paris on Matignon Avenue. 


Simonnet has more recently shown by the sides of galley Art-Composition Tokyo in YIA art fair Paris. Clement Joe Simonnet’s works on canvas are about the possible power of and the softness of painting each of them unique in their own right. 


Simonnet’s color palette is often pastel and strong, delivering contrasting classic works of art on high quality linens, canvases and wood frames to offer the best appreciation between the artist the materials and the viewer.


Beyond the walls, Simonnet sees the room and space also as a place fit for paintings, and exhibiting art. By engineering the paintings together in his garden in Normandy- France with a hinging system enabling the canvases to communicate with one an other, offering a hangable folding screen which in the start of 2020 has been a first to his new collection about water ´the bathers’.

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