Chaimae Oualid

As a clinical research specialist in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, I have many clinical duties but I also spend most of my time listening to participants' stories. This painting represents both their feelings and my own. We all feel as if we are trapped in a bubble and yet disconnected from everyone. We are constantly coping with the impacts that COVID-19 had on both our physical and mental health. But, we also learned to be grateful for the little things in life. In this painting, I hope that you will find your way out of this bubble. Look for escapes and avoid the crowds. I hope you will empathize with all those faces. I hope you will find safety in those homes and let in fresh air from those windows. And as you keep looking into the painting, you will feel a fear of death. But, it is all in your mind. Because there is an escape from that, somewhere in this painting. Every time you feel like you are stuck, you will find another escape. You will find hope.​​

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